González Cordón, in memoriam

Sevillian Vocation


A reference in contemporary Sevillian architecture died in his native city at 68 years of age. Antonio González Cordón graduated in 1975, earned his PhD in 1982, and had an outstanding and prolific career that produced some iconic buildings of the Seville that was transformed by Expo 1992. With Antonio Cabrera and José María Lerdo he refurbished Seville’s Chamber of Commerce in 1982; with Víctor Pérez Escolano in 1994 he raised Hotel Plaza de Armas, a project that brought about a complete redevelopment of an important but unconsolidated area; and in 1997 he won the competition for ideas for the stadium of Real Betis football club. He combined his practice with teaching in his alma mater, the Seville School of Architecture.

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