Antonio González Cordón



On 24 August, after a long illness, Antonio González Cordón, one of the key figures of contemporary Sevillian architecture, died in his home city. He graduated from the Seville School of Architecture (ETSAS) in 1975, and completed his PhD in 1982, developing a long, prolific, and noteworthy career that included some of the most emblematic buildings in the city of Seville in the context of the Universal Expo of 1992. It was a career with early milestones like the Chamber of Commerce of Seville, completed in 1982 with his partners at the time Antonio Cabrera and José María Lerdo de Tejada, but perhaps the most important moment was the construction in 1994, with Víctor Pérez Escolano, of the Plaza de Armas Hotel in his city, a project that involved planning the whole area, still under development. He became known to the general public however with another project: the refurbishment of the Real Betis Balompié Stadium between 1997 and 1998. Throughout his career, González Cordón combined professional activity with teaching at this alma mater, where he became Chair of Architectural Design in 1999. 

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