Glazed Expression


The constant rise of student mobility has increased the number of teams including architects with different nationalities, such as the tandems of Sauerbruch & Hutton in Berlin or Zaera & Moussavi in London and Tokyo. In the early nineties New York’s Cooper Union brought together the Austrian Peter Leeb (1962) and the American Christina Condak (1966), both of whom had the privilege of studying under John Hejduk. After graduation Condak worked in the studio of Toshiko Mori while Leeb combined collaboration with Raimund Abraham with an assistant professorship in architectural design at the Pratt Institute. Their move to Austria in 1997 marked the beginning of a joint practice which, with Vienna as its base, has developed fundamentally through projects located within a specific geographic area that stretches from Graz to Klagenfurt, Leeb’s birthplace...

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