Arquitectura Viva 242: Outbreak in the East

Arquitectura Viva 242: Outbreak in the East


Ukrainian Urbicide. Spurred by its journalistic spirit, Arquitectura Viva presents recent events and society's reactions to the war being waged on Ukraine through a semi-monographic issue that takes stock of its impact beyond the strictly architectural sphere.

In a triad of articles Luis Fernández-Galiano comments on the early beats of the conflict and encourages reflection on its causes, while Vladimir Belogolovsky, Jean-Louis Cohen, and Slavoj Žižek speak their minds on the war's grave consequences on a cultural, sociopolitical, and human level. In addition, we fish out six texts that were published at the time of other historical disasters with the same degree of critical discernment, offered here as snippets of the turbulent panorama of the past few decades.

The chapter on built works features two synagogues designed by the Swiss practice of Manuel Herz that illustrate how architecture can create spaces of consolation and hope in the face of barbarity. And completing the magazine is a dossier of eight home renovations that young architects have carried out in Madrid, plus the usual News, Books, and Products sections.

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