The Interactive Future


The studio – which is so far removed from the conventional idea of an architect´s practice – began with commissions from the publishing world, from art galleries and for video production. In 1990, Lars Spuybroek (1959), who had graduated from Delft with cum laude, joined Maurice Nio, video artist, translator and editor of the magasine Mediamatic, to create the agency NOX in Rotterdam. This healthy mixture of talent and expertise in audiovisual systems have from the beginning charaterised the heterogeneous output of the company. The connecting thread through their work has always been the exploration of the relationship between man, nature and technology. Among NOX´s work, which formed part of `9 +1’, the exhibition of young architects from the Netherlands organised by the NAI (see Arquitectura Viva 54) is a housing scheme in Breda for the second Europan (1991), a remodelling of the offices of a publisher in Amsterdam, a public toilet in Neeltje Jans and a bottle of perfume for Cacharel. With their multimedia applications and their avant garde approach to their craft, NOX are exploring two future possibilites – one for their profession itself and another for architecture...[+]

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