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SE200 Tri-Wing Jumbo Jet's Design Could Reduce Power Consumption

Griffin Davis   /  Source:  Tech Times

The new SE200 Tri-Wing Jumbo Jet has a very weird design. With its three wings, this new plane looks like it came from a sci-fi movie. However, its unusual appearance is not just for show since experts claim that its tri-wing structure can drastically reduce fuel consumption by around 70%.

If this is proven to be efficient, this will be a great innovation for commercial airplanes since most of these jets don't have cutting-edge technologies. As of the moment, most commercial airliners have a wide-body design, two wings, and two or four engines. This design setup has been the same for several decades.

To change this traditional structure, SE Aeronautics unveiled a weird jet prototype that will be an uncommon approach to every aspect of the wide-body aircraft designs and performance...

Tech Times: SE200 Tri-Wing Jumbo Jet's Strange Design Could Drastically Reduce Power Consumption

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