Cross-laminated Wood

Tallest Timber Apartment Building


Building with wood has become an alternative to using conventional materials like concrete and steel. Nevertheless, its range of applications has up to now been limited to low-rise structures, generally houses, where the pieces are subjected to minimal tensions. Located in the docklands of the city of Melbourne, Forté – a 23-unit apartment block that rises nine stories – is an exception to the unwritten rule that associates wooden constructions with modest buildings. It is erected entirely with prefabricated pieces of cross laminated timber, formed by panels stacked at right angles, bonded together over their entire surface, and then hydraulically pressed, in such a way that they notably gain in resistance and rigidity and can withstand the same pressure that prefabricated concrete does, as a result warping and contracting much less. According to estimates, the use of wood in the Forté project – it is to date the world’s tallest timber residential building – reduces carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere by more than 1,400 tons.

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