BIG in New York

Orientated Reticle


BIG, Tower in New York, United States

Construction work on Bjarke Ingels Group’s new tower in New York City, to be named The Eleventh and located between the Hudson River and the High Line, is coming to an end. The project has in fact involved erecting two towers: one towards the west, rising 34 floors and for exclusively residential use; and the other towards the east, containing 25 levels for further apartment units and a hotel. Covering a total floor area of 80,000 square meters, both volumes emerge from the same base. The geometry of the towers is a direct response to the surrounding urban context. In the low part of the complex, they separate from the neighboring buildings and from each other in order to give priority to urban space and views. As they rise, they transform and reorient themselves. The pattern of the facade is inspired in the perforations of the historical warehouses still standing in the Meatpacking and West Chelsea neighborhoods, and have an expressive function: they are an honest reflection of the gridded structural logic of the building. The project also provides underground parking and a five-story commercial building.

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