Arquitectura Viva 260: Pensar con los ojos

Arquitectura Viva 260: Pensar con los ojos


The AV/Arquitectura Viva project celebrates in 2024 its fortieth year, and the magazine has wanted to mark the occasion with a special issue that reproduces the last lesson Luis Fernández-Galiano gave at the Madrid School of Architecture before his retirement. Reviewing a life trajectory essentially devoted to communicating architecture, the director of the magazines shows the back side of our publications to explain their history, and unravels how images, as much as words, have been his tools to understand the world; an approximation to visual thinking that is completed with a thematic section of Books that reviews different editions focussed on the gaze.

The issue’s dossier presents six domestic renovations in which color has a prominent role, all carried out by Spanish studios: CMYK House by Martín Peláez Estudio, Calábria Apartment by AMOO, Witiza House by Beatriz Alés Atelier, Nube House by Studio Animal, Gracia House by Hanghar, and a house for two families in La Floresta by Adrià Escolano and David Steegman.

The Art/Culture section regrets the recent disappearance of four figures linked to architecture. Luis Fernández-Galiano bids farewell to the urbanist, architect, and sculptor Rob Krier, while Kenneth Frampton and Peter Eisenman tribute the achitecture historian Anthony Vidler. For their part, Ricardo Aroca and Andrés Jaque remember architect and professor Andrés Perea, and Kurt Forster shares his memories of photographer Giovanni Chiaramonte

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