Arquitectura Viva 243: SANAA

Arquitectura Viva 243: SANAA


European Works. Most of the works that Kazuyo Sejima and Ryue Nishizawa have completed outside their country have been carried out under the joint label of SANAA, a firm which has managed to export the distilled elegance and evanescent materiality that permeate the duo’s aesthetic trail across the Japanese archipelago. Arquitectura Viva presents two experiences attesting to this global reach from firm roots: the renovation of La Samaritaine department store in Paris and the new Bocconi University campus in Milan.

For its part, the magazine’s dossier features four projects that reflect a shift of the agrarian sector toward technification and sustainability: two farms, one by Goldsmith in Rotterdam and the other by La Shed Architecture in Quebec; and two laboratories for agricultural research, one by Van Bergen Kolpa with META in Roeselare and the other by Mert Uslu in İzmir.

In Art and Culture, José María Viñuela pays tribute to Joseph Beuys to mark his centenary, while Bartomeu Marí honors the recently deceased Dan Graham. And Lys Villalba draws from the Museo ICO’s exhibition on Anna Heringer to recount a trajectory marked by a strong social commitment. The usual News, Books, and Products sections are complemented by a revision of modernity and its derivatives, penned by Luis Fernández-Galiano and Paulo Martins Barata. 

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