‘Arquia/maestros’ DVD collection awarded by the 10th BIAU


The jury of the 10th Ibero-American Biennial of Architecture and Urban Design has given its publication award to the Arquia/maestros DVD collection, a project to create audiovisual testimony of the biography and oeuvre of leading living masters of Spanish architecture through interviews that scan their careers in detail, from their formative years to their most recent works. For the first batch of DVDs, project director Luis Fernández-Galiano conversed with Oriol Bohigas (1925), Rafael Moneo (1937) and Juan Navarro Baldeweg (1939), and the second set of interviewees brings us the voices of Antonio Fernández Alba (1927), Manuel Gallego (1936) and Ricardo Bofill (1939), again a trio of prominent figures who in style and ideas could not be more different. . arquia/maestros

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