Southbank Tower, BIG + FK
Southbank Tower, BIG + FK

Southbank Tower, BIG + FK


The project proposes two intertwined towers, formed by stacked volumes containing different types of programs; the voids between the two towers define a continuous three-dimensional promenade that evokes the urban pattern of Melbourne... [+]


Socios a cargo Partners in Charge

Bjarke Ingels, Brian Yang

Jefes de proyecto Project Leaders

João Albuquerque

Arquitecto del proyecto Project Architect

Ovidiu Munteanu

Equipo Team

Mariana de Soares e Barbieri Cardoso, Aleksandra Domian, Miaomiao Chu, Naysan John Foroudi, Xinying Zhang , Antonio Sollo, Helen Chen, Sarkis Sarkisyan, Teodor Cristian Fratila, Augusto Zamperlini

Ingeniería BIG BIG Engineering

Andy Coward, Duncan Horswill

Ideación BIG BIG Ideas

Bart Ramakers, Kristoffer Negendahl

Paisajismo BIG BIG Landscape

Alessandro Zanini, Mattia Di Carlo, Nandi Lu, Ulla Hornsyld