P.S.1 Pavilion, New York

P.S.1 Pavilion, New York


Hernán Díaz Alonso earned his degree in architecture from the National University of Rosario in Argentina and Columbia University. After completing his training in Barcelona with Enric Miralles and in New York with Peter Eisenman, in the year 2000 he established his studio Xefirotarch in Los Angeles. In 2005 the office won the call for ideas for the design of an ephemeral pavilion for the summer cultural events of the P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center, an institution linked to the Museum of Modern Art of New York. Set forth as an installation for entertainment and leisure, the undulating structure sprawls throughout the outdoor court of the museum combining a base of red fiberglass, which performs at the same time as urban furnishing, with white polyurethane pieces that serve as sunshades…

Arquitecto Architect 
Hernan Díaz Alonso 

Colaboradores Collaborators 
Bryan Flaig, Mark Nagis, Hunter Knight, Ben Toam, Chris Arntzen, Casey Rhem, Jee Hee Farris, Nicholas Pisca 

Consultores Consultants 
Alexis Rochas, Timothy Rives Rash II, Jayson Christopher, Casey McSweeney, Sunnie Joh (construcción construction); Drura Parrish, Gary Abraham, Scott Abraham (prototipo prototyping); Arup LA (ingeniería engineering); Jorge Karmen, Joe Miran (acabados paint finish)

Fotos Photos 
Robert Mezquiti