Großmarkt Theater Pavilion, Hamburg
Carmody Groarke 

Großmarkt Theater Pavilion, Hamburg

Carmody Groarke 

A cylindrical pavilion clad in folded aluminum sheets gives ancillary service to the world’s only theater found on the premises of a fully operating daily market of fresh food produce.

Facing the brutalist hangar designed by Hermkes that now includes a performance venue, the ticket office and a large refreshments space are organized in a circular facility that lets delivery trucks keep functioning.

Pabellón del Teatro Großmarkt
Großmarkt Theater Pavilion, Hamburg (Germany).

Mehr! Theater.

Arquitectos Architects
Carmody Groarke / Andy Groarke, Jacob Hoeppner, Kevin Carmody, Lukas Barry (equipo team).

Consultores Consultants
Joachim Grell (dirección de obra site management); Expomobilia (estructura structure).

Contratista Contractor

Superficie Area
2.500 m².

Fotos Photos
Johan Dehlin.