Central térmica de DH Ecoenergías en Palencia

Central térmica de DH Ecoenergías en Palencia


A work of the Madrid practice led by Fernando Rodríguez and Pablo Oriol, FRPO, this thermal power plant supplies hot water to thousands of homes in the city of Palencia. It uses no fossil fuels, only locally-sourced forest biomass, as its main raw material, staking our future on a clean and cheap source of renewable energy.

On a concrete base, the building presents a geometry that pursues circular energy storage and a circular economy. The translucent top is given a striated and undulating polycarbonate skin supported by a galvanized and painted steel wire structure. A chimney extracts clean air. Inside, a perimetral walkway surrounds the large unobstructed space where the machinery is installed. This industrial facility seeks to become an architectural icon that stands for energy and environmental transformation.

Central térmica de DH Ecoenergías
DH Ecoenergías Thermal Power Station, Palencia (Spain)

Arquitectos Architects
FRPO Rodríguez & Oriol / Pablo Oriol, Fernando Rodríguez (socios partners); Adrián Sánchez, Mishail Frantzusov (equipo team)

Mecanismo Ingeniería (estructura structure); Marc Buxó (mediciones measurements); Jesús Eguren (aparejador quantity surveyor); DH Ecoenergías (instalaciones MEP services); Juan Tur (paisajismo landscape); Nummit (fachada facade)

1.960 m²

Luis Asín