Banyan Hub building

Ecosistema urbano 

In 2017 the Madrid-based practice of Ecosistema Urbano of Belinda Tato and José Luis Vallejo won the international competition to reorganize the seafront of West Palm Peach, Florida, with a proposal comprising various interventions. One involves the building named Banyan Hub, the preliminary design for which has been officially approved. The 1970s parking garage will be made to house a hybrid program laid out around two bioclimatic courtyards and including three public plazas (at street level, at the intermediate level, and on the terrace) featuring store spaces and event venues, a business center and a sports one, apartments with floor areas ranging between 46 and 140 square meters, and a four-level robotized parking garage that takes up less space than before yet can take in the same number of cars. On the other hand, the facade filters direct sunlight, regulates ventilation, and provides a transition space made of a permeable structure decked with plans. The project will be further developed in the coming months.