Focus glazes its Gyrofocus model

Focus Chimeneas 

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Devoted to creating fireplaces, heaters, barbecues, and related accessories, the company  Focus presents the closed version of its iconic Gyrofocus. Maintaining this model’s original characteristics – the suspended design and the 360º pivot – the new hearth features a curved transparent glass that enables users to enjoy looking at the fire.

In the form of transom-free sliding doors, the glazed cove offers a full view of the logs and flames, plus and more safety from possible escaping sparks. The system is easy to use. Air supply can be adjusted at the base of the opening, where the intensity of the flames is regulated. In addition, a seal on the flue damper saves calories in the fireplace, keeping the room warm.

In accordance with EU Ecodesign regulations – due to take effect on 1 January 2022, and bound to affect all firewood-based heating devices – Focus announces this new product which completes a range of versions of the Gyrofocus model: firewood, outdoors, and gas.

For more information: Glazed Gyrofocus

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