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50th Anniversary of Broken Circle / Spiral Hill by Robert Smithson

Fuente:  Holt/Smithson Foundation

Robert Smithson’s only earthwork outside the United States opens this summer to celebrate its fiftieth birthday. Between July and October 2021 Robert Smithson’s earthwork Broken Circle/Spiral Hill (1971) will be open for eight weekends.

Located near the City of Emmen in the province of Drenthe in The Netherlands, Broken Circle/Spiral Hill was commissioned for the 1971 edition of the recurring outdoor exhibition Sonsbeek. Smithson’s earthwork is sited in a former sand-mine, cut into the side of a terminal moraine. It is an artwork of two parts. Broken Circle is a semi-circular jetty built into a quarry lake filled with reflecting green water. Spiral Hill rises into a cone-shaped hill beside the lake; from the top, via a spiraling path, the quarry and Broken Circle can be seen from above. At the center is an immovable huge boulder deposited by ancient glacial movements...

50 aniversario de Broken Circle / Spiral Hill 

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