VII Biennial of Spanish Architecture 2003


Housing in Santiago, Terminal in Yokohama 

Presided by Antonio Ortiz and formed, among others, by Rafael Moneo, Carlos Ferrater, Luis Fernández-Galiano, Francisco Mangado and Javier Revillo, the jury of the VII Biennial of Spanish Architecture evaluated a total of 254 buildings, choosing the two winners from a selection of 22 finalists. The prize of the Biennial went to the small housing complex Carme de Abaixo, in Santiago de Compostela, built by the Madrid architect Víctor López Cotelo starting from the remains of an old dairy farm; and the prize Enric Miralles to works by architects under 40 years of age went to the sea terminal of Yokohama, by the London-based Spanish architect Alejandro Zaera with Farshid Moussavi. Radically different in program, scale and budget, both projects share, however, a landscapist orientation: while the Galician houses are arranged in accordance with a terraced topography in a privileged point of encounter between the historic center and the countryside, the sea terminal is conceived as an undulating landscape that extends over a wharf the spaces for leisure of a neighboring park. 

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