Itineraries: a Biographical Portrait

Catherine Prouvé 

A very personal journey, traversing the 20th century, of a man who was upright, modest, generous, discreet, silently attentive, with no other a priori than an intimate knowledge of material and precision-strong mastery of his craft. As involved and responsible in the dynamics of his family – which was cultivated in the broad sense of the word – as he was committed to his compagnons– his ‘comrades’, as he called the people employed in his workshops –, with great strength of character he pursued a path of unbroken ground, often facing the resistance that is the lot of innovators but always supported by those he had known to bring into his team. Maybe he was helped by a certain naïveté that for years made him believe he would achieve what to him seemed evident. He came to say: “If people understand, there’s no need to explain. If they don’t, there’s no use explaining”... [+]

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