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Tony Díaz, in Memoriam

Urban Commitment


At the age of 76, Antonio Díaz del Bo died in Madrid, the city he came to in 1988 to live a good part of his career. Born in Buenos Aires, Tony Díaz graduated in 1964 and moved first to Italy and then to London, where he took up urban planning. His being both an architect and an urbanist explains his works, whose recognizable language was put at the service of urban articulation, as in neighborhoods like the Barrio Centenario of Santa Fe (Argentina) and the Ensanche Sur de Alcorcón (Madrid). Introducer of Aldo Rossi’s ideas in Argentina, he played a leading role in the architectural debate of the 1980s and devoted himself with passion to teaching at the FAU in Buenos Aires, the Madrid School of Architecture, and Harvard’s GSD.

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