Tillmann Kaltwasser



Andreas Hild and Tillmann Kaltwasser met while studying architecture in Munich, where in 1992 they initiated the professional relationship which has been interrupted by the premature death in June of Tillmann Kaltwasser. In this short length of time and via numerous projects and several finished works, the young studio has reached international recognition. Its first constructed building, a modest warehouse for the paint company Kempten on the outskirts of Eichstätt, is a stunning musical composition exercise designed from precast concrete pieces. The simplification and the reduction in budget by employing prefabricated systems of this and other components like wood, have been a constant in the work of Hild and Kaltwasser. Evidence of their interest in the material and constructive aspects of architecture is also shown in the elements they designed, like the bus stop for the city of Landshut, with its sinuous floral motifs on sheets of Core Ten steel. In the same town, the conversion of a gothic attic into a small theatre is a good illustration of their keen sensibility in recovering old architectures for new uses. 

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