Simon Ungers



Simon Ungers died on 6 March 2006 in Cologne, after a lengthy illness. His life played out between Germany and the United States, where his father, the architect Oswald Mathias Ungers, was transferred after being named dean of the

School of Architecture of Cornell University. After receiving his degree from this same school, Ungers designed residences such as the Knee Villa in New Jersey and the Cube and T houses, both located in New York, in addition to suggestive and evocative proposals such as the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin. His work, steeped in the austerity of the Bauhaus and Italian rationalism, always sought to attain conceptual clarity and formal outcomes with imposing finishes. His unique poetic understanding of architecture, which would also take on form in his sculptural pieces and ephemeral installations, brought him international recognition. He taught at both the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and Harvard. Since his return to Cologne in the

year 2000, Ungers had focused on his own artistic creation, while at the same time he never abandoned his desire to keep building.

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