Seminar ‘Art Museums in Mutation: Architecture meets Museography’

Seminar ‘Art Museums in Mutation: Architecture meets Museography’


The Spanish Embassy in Sweden, the Stockholm Association of Architects and all the collaborating institutions invites you to a conference and debate on Architecture and Museography.

Date: 8th and 9th June. Premises: The Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Konstakademi, Fredsgatan 12, Stockholm. Time: 17.30h refreshments – 18.00h conference and debate.

At 18.00h connection online through through Stockholm’s Architects Association’s Youtube channel:

The dialogue between Architecture and Museography will include the participation of museum directors, architects who have designed new museums, or have renovated museums and art spaces, curators and museography specialists from Spain and Sweden.

The questions to be addressed will focus on how art collections determine the design of a museum and how a building may define the narrative and display of the works of art. Heritage and innovation, historic buildings, unique buildings that acquire greater relevance by themselves than their actual contents, buildings created ad hoc to exhibit an art collection or an iconic work, or even museums without a collection built to display temporary or site-specific exhibitions. As well as more radical categories of installations: video art, online works and concepts for artwork or ephemeral art.

Besides the evolution of art displays and art education, other possible topics that may be raised are the digital transformation of museums and virtual exhibitions, access to and display of part of the collection now in storage, or science museums and their relationship with research.


Spanish and Swedish architects: 

Luis Fernández-Galiano, Professor at Madrid School of Architecture; Antonio Cruz, Cruz y Ortiz Architects. Rijksmuseum. Amsterdam; Emilio Tuñón. Mansilla + Tuñón. Architects. MUSAC, León. Museo de Colecciones Reales, Madrid; Fuensanta Nieto, Nieto-Sobejano Aquitectos. Arvo Pärt Centre. Tallin; Juan Pablo Rodríguez Frade. Frade Arquitectos. Alhambra Museum, Granada, Archeological Museum, Madrid; Victor Cageao, Intervention in the Villanueva building, Prado Museum; Elizabeth Hatz, architect KTH; Carmen Izquierdo, Kasper Salin Prize 2012; and Josef Edert, General Architecture.

Directors and experts of leading Swedish and Spanish museums: 

Susanna Pettesson, National Museum, Stockholm; Kieran Long, Arkdes Stockholm; Karin Sidén, Prins Eugens Waldemarsudde; Michaela Giebelhausen, University of the Arts London; Leticia Azcue, Head of the sculpture and decorative arts area, Prado Museum; Miguel Zugaza, Director, Museo Bellas Artes, Bilbao; and Manuel Fontán, Museums and Exhibitions Director, Fundación Juan March.


National Museum of Sweden; Moderna Museet; ArkDes; Stockholm and Swedish Association of Architects; Prins Eugens Waldemarsudde; KTH School of Architecture; Royal Academy of Fine Arts; 1,6-2,6 Million Club; Prado Museum; Bilbao Art Museum; Fundación Juan March; Instituto Cervantes in Stockholm; Embassy of Spain to Sweden; and Cámara de Comercio Hispano-Sueca.


Wednesday, June 8 - 17.30h 

Moderator: Carmen Izquierdo, architect

-Luis Fernández-Galiano. Architect & Professor. "The Transformation of the Museum: Memory, Identity, Imagination"

-Antonio Cruz. Architect & Professor. "The Historic Museum as a Palimpsest: the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam"

-Susanna Pettersson. Director General Nationalmuseum, “Museums, their histories and contemporary challenges”

-Kieran Long. Director ArkDes, “Museums in mutation”

-Karin Sidén. Director Prins Eugens Waldemarsudde "Prince Eugen´s Waldemarsudde – A Total Artwork and an Artist´s Home transformed into a Contemporary Art Museum"

-Victor Cageao, architect, Leticia Azcue, Head of the sculpture and decorative arts area Museo del Prado, "Intervention in the Villanueva building to house the Treasure of the Dauphin collection".

Thursday, June 9 - 17.30h

 Moderator: Elizabeth Hatz, member of the Board of the Association of Stockholm´s Architects

-Emilio Tuñón. Architect & Professor, "The Contemporary Museum as an Urban Icon: the MUSAC in León"

-Fuensanta Nieto. Architect and Professor, "Beyond the Concept of the Museum I, Arvo Pärt Centre Tallinn"

-Juan Pablo Rodriguez Frade. Architect, "The Alhambra Museum and the National Archaeological Museum. Interventions on architectural heritage"

-Miguel Zugaza. Director, Museo Bellas Artes, Bilbao "Agravitas, new expansion project for the Bilbao Museum"

-Manuel Fontán. Director of Museums and Exhibitions Fundación Juan March, "Ghost Curating: about digital exhibitions"

-Michaela Giebelhausen, University of Arts London "Art Museums in Mutation"

Cruz y Ortiz, Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam

Nieto Sobejano, Montblanc Haus in Hamburg

Mansilla + Tuñón, MUSAC in León

Frade Arquitectos, Museo Arqueológico Nacional in Madrid