José María Banet



With the death of José María Banet, architecture has lost one of the few persons who understood the profession as a commitment. Born in Galicia – though he always studied, lived and worked in Madrid –, Banet died of cancer at 67. After a prolific career devoted mainly to the design of school buildings, refurbishments and teaching (he taught Building Construction at Madrid’s School of Architecture for many years), he devoted the last period of his life entirely to international cooperation, putting his experience and professional skills at the service of those affected by violence. Though he worked in Latin American countries such as Colombia or the Dominican Republic, it was in Bosnia Herzegovina that he gave the best of himself. In the devastated Mostar he coordinated the different renovation and reconstruction projects, collaborating also in the restoration of the country’s poor health services; yet, the work for which he shall be most remembered is his school for handicapped children: José María Banet devoted five years to the design and construction of the model center, participating even in the training of teachers. 

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