Humidifier Systems

Nebulization Installations


Brumizone Systems, EXPO Zaragoza 2008

Systems of natural climatization by moisturization (also called ‘adiabatics’ because they do not involve heat transfer, even though they manage to alter air temperature and relative humidity) are not a recent invention. They have traditionally been used in vernacular Mediterranean architecture, and particularly in Spain (see Arquitectura Viva 139). The company Brumizone took inspiration from the way this works to develop a system of natural cooling based on nebulizing water at high pressures, which makes it possible to bring down room temperature to as low as 11º C as well as eliminate particles of dust or pollen. The result is a highly comfortable microclimate. The water is nebulized by means of ventilators or linear diffusors that are connected to a pressure pump. For each gram of evaporated water, some 600 calories of air at room temperature are dissipated.

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