Evaporative Cooling

Natural Pre-Cooling Systems


Brumizone Systems, EXPO Zaragoza 2008

Air conditioning can here in Spain represent as much as 70% of the electrical expenses of a commercial building, besides producing other undesirable effects, one being dry air, especially in places that are far from the sea. The company Breezeair is now commercializing an extensive range of coolers that work around the effects of evaporation. When hot air is humidified, water tends to change state, taking heat from the atmosphere. With this strategy it is possible for temperatures to drop by over 10º C in summer, and with hardly any energy costs incurred (except for those connected to the moisturizing process). Breezair introduces a moisturizing kit in the air conditioned circuits: the outdoor air is made to pass through a humid surface that raises the temperature of the entrance of fluid to 20º C, a thermal leap that translates into substantial energy saving.

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