Herzog & de Meuron in Toronto


The first building of Jacques Herzog and Pierre de Meuron in Toronto – to be caried out in collaboration with the local firm Quadrangle – will also, when completed, be the city’s tallest, and perhaps the first Canadian sequel of the ‘supertall’ fever that has characterized real estate development in New York for the past ten years. Like its Manhattan models, the skyscraper by the famous Swiss pair of Pritzker laureates relies on svelteness for its aesthetic effect. In fact, Herzog & de Meuron accentuates it all the more by raising the 87-story tower on a floor plan that is a 3:1 rectangle. This makes the view of the short side predominate. As for the building’s envelope, very tidy and elegant, it presents three different skins: two of glass, and an inner one of wooden blinds.

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