Metropolitan Forest Competition

Source:  Ayuntamiento de Madrid

Madrid is undertaking an ambitious transformation of its urban perimeter with a forest crown connecting all the natural zones existing in the city. This involves a re-landscaping of 14,200 hectares, with native plant species sure to be instrumental in battling the heat island effect that afflicts the Spanish capital. Given the magnitude of the operation, the organizers have marked five different areas, and assigned them to the multidisciplinary teams that won

the recent competition for ideas: Volterra Ecosystems and LOLA Landscape will work in the vicinity of El Pardo Mountain; Climent-Climent-Navascués-ARZV in the north-east arc; Uxama, Gestión Integral del Suelo, and Eslava y Tejada Arquitectos in the southeast ring; Alday Jover Arquitectos in the low bed of the Manzanares River; and Rubio Arquitectura in the southeast sector. 

Metropolitan Forest Competition

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