Carlos Hernández Pezzi



The Madrid-born Carlos Hernández Pezzi passed away on 18 October in Málaga, his place of residence. Devoted professionally to urban planning – he was the Municipal Architect of Málaga and Fuengirola –, Hernández Pezzi understood architecture as a public service that, in his case, involved management duties, first as president of the East Andalusia Institute of Architects and later as president of the CSCAE between 2001 and 2009, a period during which he managed to give the institution great visibility. Following his civic vocation he made a leap to politics: in 2011 he was councillor for the Socialist Party in Málaga and ran for the Senate of that same city, on the list of Podemos. Hernández Pezzi managed to reconcile his institutional and political roles with an independence of judgement and with a personal research work whose main theme was the contemporary city, the subject of books like Alternativas a la ciudad caótica, where he deals with the city from a humanist perspective, and the most recent Tourism, ¿truco o trato?, very critical of the way in which public policies have responded to mass tourism in our country. 

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