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Rubens Henríquez, 1925-2017

Canarian Reference


From left to right: J. Miró, J.L. Sert y R. Henríquez

A reference for Canarian architects, Rubens Henríquez died in Santa Cruz de Tenerife on 26 April. A 1951 graduate of the Barcelona school, he contributed like few others to renovating architecture in the Canary Islands, adapting the modern language to the peculiarities of their landscape and climate in projects like the stepped dwellings of Ifara (1969) and the Hermano Pedro special education center (1971). His outstanding oeuvre as an architect and urbanist was complemented by political and administrative activities. Henríquez was a member of parliament (1971 and 1977) and the first dean of the Canarian Institute of Architects, a post from which he carried out substantial work in the dissemination and promotion of the artistic avant-gardes.

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