Botter + Bressan in Agordo


The firms headed by the Italian architects Andrea Botter and Emanuele Bressan worked together in designing a congress and exhibition center located in Agordo, a municipality in the province of Belluno, in the Veneto region.

For the project they drew inspiration from tabià, typical constructions of the Alpine valleys that are characterized by their wooden frames and cross bracing elements. On a platform of reinforced concrete, a perimetral structure encloses a large multipurpose hall that is unobstructed by supports and can be divided anytime, as needed.

The building’s distinctive feature is the roof. Reinterpreting the natural forms of the Dolomite mountain range beyond, its play of inclinations presents large cantilevers serving to protect the glass curtain walls that otherwise would be fully exposed to the elements, and which give sweeping views of the Alpine landscape.

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