Arquitectura Viva 247: Renzo Piano RPBW

Arquitectura Viva 247: Renzo Piano RPBW


From Los Angteles to Moscow. Renzo Piano is not one of those masters who take on a late style, and who through it break with their previous output to become daring. The Genoan’s career has been a meditated but constant move forward, and he has stayed true to himself and kept fresh his concerns: the artistic dimension, the artisanal character, and the civic spirit of the profession. Arquitectura Viva presents four of his most recent works in a journey that does not speak of age or stage of life: the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures in Los Angeles, The Forum in New York, the Maison de l’Ordre des Avocats in Paris, and the GES-2 House of Culture in Moscow.

The magazine’s ‘dossier’ this time discusses the challenges of working on industrial heritage through three Spanish examples of radical change in use: the Acciona Ombú Campus in Madrid by Foster+Partners, the Enaire Foundation in Santander by Fernández-Abascal+Muruzábal and GFA2, and the Kulturola Building in Mondragón by Jovino Martínez Sierra.

The Art & Culture chapter offers two essays on the new digital revolution: Miguel Fernández-Galiano gives a picture of the paradigm shift that the production of images through artificial intelligence will bring about, while Ignacio Nieto de la Cal explores the opportunities that architects may find in the construction of the metaverse. Finally, the usual News and Books sections are complemented by a text where Iñaki Ábalos opines on responses to the energy crisis, and a speech that Luis Fernández-Galiano delivered in 2004 but which serves to fan the flames of the current debate on historical memory.

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