Footbridge/viewpoint over the Rioseco mines, Riosa

Zon-e Arquitectos 

The village of Llamo in the Asturian municipality of Riosa is located at an altitude of 540 meters and marks the start of a route that one must walk to reach the footbridge/viewpoint designed by Zon-e Arquitectos, the practice of Nacho Ruiz Allén and Josean Ruiz Esquiroz.

One arrives at the town of Rioseco, a mythical mining spot in the Aramo Range that was created at the end of the 19th century. Integrated into the craggy topography of the mine, the project highlights both the natural environment and the industrial heritage of the place through a footbridge hovering over the landscape and posing lightly on thick pillars and the cyclopean wall. Accessed from the highest point, it becomes a floating observation deck framing spectacular views.

The concrete, the rusted metal, and the recycled wood clearly show the importance given by the architects to economy of means. These three materials interact with a fourth protagonist, the atmosphere, creating a continuous dialogue with the ruins of the location. Ruiz Esquiroz Imagen Subliminal