Tuchkov Buyan Park, AB Chvoya + Karavan
Third Prize

Tuchkov Buyan Park, AB Chvoya + Karavan

Third Prize

The abundant vegetation and overlapping layers of meadows, bridges, and paths configure a variety of natural spaces that provide a gradual transition from the city, maximizing the site’s contemporary potential and bringing together the history and the future of the place.

The park is divided into three layers – lower, middle, and upper – that configure a diverse an ergonomic landscape facing the city. Rainwater is collected and used to water the plant life, maintain a comfortable microclimate, and supply the park’s needs...

AB Chvoya + Karavan

Director de proyecto, arquitectura, arquitectura paisajística Project leader, landscape architecture

Arquitectura paisajística Landscape architecture

Programa botánico Botanical programming
John Loof Green

Mantenimiento del riego Water management

Experto en tráfico Traffic expert
Alexander Devyatkin