Hermès Workshops in Louviers (project stage)

Hermès Workshops in Louviers (project stage)


The precision needed for traditional hand-crafted leather goods is reflected in the building’s making. Large brick arches shape both the outer perimeter and the facade onto the courtyard, creating generous windows that fill workshops with sunlight...[+]

Precise Acts, Hermès Workshops (France)

Cliente Client
Hermès International

Arquitecto Architect
Lina Ghotmeh — Architecture

Colaboradores Collaborators
Erik Dhont (paisaje landscape); Frank Boutté (fluidos fluids); ATEVE (sistema de carreteras y servicios públicos roads system and urban public utilities); AE75 (economía economist); Clarity (acústica acoustics); Namixis (SIS servicios informáticos); BEGC (tchen cabinet cocina)

Superficie Area