Estonian National Museum, Tartu (Estonia)
Lina Ghotmeh 

Estonian National Museum, Tartu (Estonia)

Lina Ghotmeh 

In the country’s cultural capital, an ethnograhic center founded in 1909 moves into a long container that aspires to be a symbol of national prosperity in the wake of regained independence.

The project questioned the competition rules and called for a new site, proposing physical and symbolic continuity for the Soviet airfield runway built on the grounds of the mansion that was the museum’s first home...[+]

Eesti Kultuuriministeerium

Lina Ghotmeh+Dorell.Ghotmeh.Tane

Arup (ingeniería, fase de concurso engineering, competition phase); EA Reng (ingeniería engineering); Bureau Bas Smets (paisajismo landscape); Hervé Audibert (iluminación lighting design); Pille Lausmäe, HGArchitecture (arquitectos locales architects of record); Kino (paisajista local local landscape architect)

34.000 m²

Takuji Shimmura