Developed on multiple scales, the project proposes a network of mobile artifacts that follow the principles of bioarchitecture. The O.V.I. is a double tensegrity sphere that, as a balloon, changes its shape and flight height releasing hot air.

The D.M. (Desert Medusa) travels in the O.V.I. and has absolute mobility on the crater thanks to the changing configurations, folding and unfolding because of a skeleton derived from the double-bladed scissor mobile systems.

A ‘floor’ – a mobile blade system that accompanies the structure as it folds; the skin covering it, obtained through the origami pattern that folds to a greater degree; and a number of mobile fingers make up the Desert Medusa...[+]

Utopia, Abu Dhabi

Andrés Velasco Muro

Tutor Project Tutor
María José de Blas, Rubén Picado 

Tutor de estructurasStructures Tutor
Mariano Molina

Tutor de instalaciones MEP Tutor
Roberto González

Tutor de construcciónConstruction Tutor
Cristina Villamil

Cristina Giménez, Rufino Velasco, Carlos Asensio, Juan Carpio