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Zehnder, manufacturer of heating and cooling systems, presents the Zehnder Deseo Verso electric radiator carefully designed to fit into any bathroom.

Two extendable towel rails – mountable behind the radiator – enables the towels to disappear behind the glass front. With the latest infrared technology, the decorative contraption provides radiant heat and pre-warms towels quickly.

Zehnder Deseo Verso stands out for its flexibility, with the towel rails extendable towards the left or right. They have a push-to-open and push-to-close function, as well as a forward-facing lug that makes it easy to hang towels.

An intuitive control panel and an additional remote control ensure convenient operation of the fully electric radiator. Three predefined heating levels (45°C, 55°C, 65°C) can be selected, and there is a timer as well as a keylock serving several purposes, including child safety. Other functions performed by the control panel include a guard against frost and individualized programs that can be set on a daily or weekly basis.

Its smooth glass surface, only 8 mm deep, is available in white and black. There is also a choice of two sizes: the smaller model (height 1500 mm), with one extendable towel rail; and the larger one (height 1750 mm), with two. The towel radiator has received the ‘Design Plus powered by ISH’ seal of quality, conferred on especially sustainable products that feature innovative design and energy-efficient technology.

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