ComfoAir Flex by Zehnder

  • Brand Zehnder 
  • Series ComfoAir Flex Zehnder

Zehnder presents ComfoAir Flex, a compactly designed ventilation unit for multi-family homes that can be installed in a false ceiling, thus saving living space.

With minimum measurements – 1068 x 868 x 299 mm (L x W x H) – installation is simple and also flexible, thanks to four 45-degree swivel sockets. To ensure a comfortable and healthy indoor climate, it has a flow rate of 250 m³/h–350 m³/h at an external pressure of 200 Pa, as well as silent fans that even in full operation have a low radiation from the casing, minimizing noise.

Owing to its custom-made components, ComfoAir Flex works efficiently, safely, and for long periods of time. It is also healthy, thanks to standard ISO Coarse (G4) filters for supply and exhaust air, as well as the optional ePM 1 (F7) filter, which enables the unit to provide fresh, clean, pollen-free air. In addition, a device based on time of use and flow alerts the user when the filter needs replacing.

Zehnder's Climate Switch technology guarantees high-quality indoor environments, automatically adjusted for any season of the year. In summer, a by-pass system is activated to bring fresh air from outside directly into the house, and in spring and autumn it can be used for passive heating. Other features are: cold recovery, through the heat exchanger that cools the supply air; and heat recovery in winter, when the heat exchanger transfers heat to the cold air outside. Zehnder's enthalpic exchanger will be available in 2022. It reduces excessively dry or humid air by recovering moisture.

The unit has an integrated WiFi connection that allows local and remote control through the Zehnder ComfoControl application. This application gives an overview of ventilation data, sensors and connected devices, and makes the ventilation system easy to configure and activate.