The use of construction project management software in Spain

Simona Fabbri, Thinkproject

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Companies are increasingly aware that only through digital transformation can become more competitive. This is already mandatory in public companies, with the new BIM standard, and the trend is spreading in the private sector, with firms imposing such solutions in their tenders.

Most companies use digital solutions in carrying out projects, but the solutions are not always sector-specific, nor do they necessarily take certain needs into account, such as process tracking or on-site coordination. This results in increased costs and low efficiency.

Simona Fabbri - Senior Account Manager at Thinkproject an Europe-based provider of SaaS solutions for engineering and construction – introduces Conclude CDE, a software expressly designed for companies that have not previously worked with software designed specifically for the architecture, engineering, construction, and operations (AECO) sectors. It facilitates the organization of all the information (documents, communications, processes, critical timetables, etc.) around a project, in a way that is structured and bound to optimize management. To see all the system’s features and advanates, request a demonstration here.

Thinkproject provides solutions adapted to all kinds of companies, regardless of their size and the type of project in question, from the renovation of a hotel to the construction of a new airport. It features tools that are easy to use and implement, and which make all the info surrounding a project manageable in a structured way. From the moment the client contacts us, implementation time can be as short as 24 hours.

The main objective of the solutions offered by Thinkproject is to reduce cost increases and delays resulting from poor information management. This objective is common to all companies that are leaderls in the digitalization process, but they all also seek help in process management at each phase of the project, from design to actual delivery of the good to the client. Hence, in addition to being a very intuitive platform, Thinkproject has more than 20 years of experience in the sector and allows accompanying clients from the very start, providing consulting services to help companies establish an organizational structure and, once these are familiar with the tool, give them support and advice throughout the duration of the project.

Among the most used functions of Conclude CDE are:

Access to the most up-to-date information on the project from anywhere, at any time, is one of the software's key advantages. Thinkproject has calculated that, in a non-residential building project, time saving in the design phase can rise to 20%, and can be doubled in the construction phase thanks to improved communications and information visibility. Not to mention the role of mobile applications in making the job ever easier. You can control different versions of the same document and avoid the mistake of working on the wrong one.

- Centralized communications about a project in a single tool, and receiving alerts and notifications of what is happening directly by email, so that one doesn’t have to be constantly logging into the program.

- Keeping track of processes to know at any given time what and who is responsible for moving them forward. Thanks to graphic workflows and automatic reminders, it is easy for users to know the status of documentation and whether contractually set deadlines are being met.

- View the project schedule, including critical dates, planned meetings, and other important steps of the project, including license applications and permission bureaucracy.

- Optimized on-site coordination thanks to features specifically developed for this purpose, such as the job diary or defect management applications.

For companies looking for more advanced functions, Conclude CDE offers a more advanced functional feature, such as BIM model management, where one can visualize IFC and import BCF or perform bidding processes.

How does the digitization of projects contribute to sustainability?

Sustainability is more and more important, and not only in the construction sector. Companies increasingly subscribe to the goals of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

There is no doubt that digital transformation in general, and solutions like Conclude CDE in particular, contribute to meeting these goals: using less printed paper translates into less tree felling; less travel means fewer CO2 emissions; and more use of sustainable construction mechanisms means less water consumption.

To request the Conclude CDE demo, click here.

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