Vienna 9=12, a Siedlung Prototype

Justo Isasi 

Once again, an opportunity to introduce new alternatives in the trite field of residential housing. Something that sounds like a topic from the past century and that at this point, in times of skepticism towards social matters, could be taken as an exercise in style. But the initiative wishes to go beyond all this and, by commissioning a selected group of nine prestigious architects from three Germanic countries (Austria, Germany and Switzerland), and organizing the participation of the building industries, especially that of concrete, it attempts to extend the tradition of experimental neighborhoods. The desire is to go further, with a view to the 21st century, into the precedent of the Moderne Siedlungen which have become landmarks of the architecture of the 20th century. Currently, with the projects designed for the new ‘colony’experiment, a detailed itinerant exhibition of models (inaugurated at the Architekturzentrum of Vienna) has been set up to reopen this debate on European housing...

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