Campus Romance

My ‘discovery’ of Grafton Architects occurred in Venice, 2012, near the Atrium of the Biennale’s Main Building or in one of its rambling and always crowded passageways. The corpus delicti was a color photograph of a balsa wood model showing a coral bank-like, semi-transparent megastructure in front of (or somehow juxtaposed to) the Machu Picchu. I had no idea what it was all about. Irritatingly primordial, yet also clearly modern, the configuration evoked the idea of a city. Fundamental while being curiously at odds with the ‘Common Ground’ as framed by David Chipperfield’s Biennale – not to mention Koolhaas’ ‘Fundamentals’ of the subsequent one – it stuck to my mind like a shorthand note of a building that I had been dreaming of without having any idea of it actual make-up...[+]

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