‘Ring (do/undo/redo)’

‘Ring (do/undo/redo)’


A work of Brut Deluxe / Ben Busche + Miguel de Guzmán, Ring is a light installation created for Lichtfest Leipzig 21 and has been set up in the heart of the German city, at Burgplatz. The Leipzig Festival of Lights commemorates the demonstrations that took place on 9 October 1989, triggering the peaceful revolution that would lead to the fall of the Berlin Wall.

The installation is a circular wall with two gaps through which to enter it. Ring plays with space and atmospheric perceptions, focusing on the immersive experience of visitors. The actual wall is a 2.8-meter-tall transparent screen with dynamic luminaires incorporated. On the inside, the wall is covered with 450 mirror-foiled balloons that reflect the surroundings. The outside of the wall is covered with white latex balloons that blur the video shown on the LED screen.


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