Building & Architecture Institute (BAI) presentation

Building & Architecture Institute (BAI) presentation


De izquierda a derecha: Francisco Mangado y Alberto Bayona

The deputy vice-president of the government of Navarre, José María Aierdi, and the secretary-general for Urban Agenda and Housing of Spain's central government in Madrid, Iñaqui Carnicero, presided over an encounter with the construction sector as a way of publicly presenting the recently created Building & Architecture Institute (BAI), to be run by a future foundation involving both governments and programmed to begin activities this autumn,

Held at the Baluarte auditorium and convention center in Pamplona, the event threw light on the new nationwide organism's philosophy and main lines of work and action. The speakers included Alberto Bayona, managing director of the public company Nasuvinsa and principal technical administrator of the BAI project, and the architects Patxi Mangado and Andrea Deplazes.

Video of Building & Architecture Institute (BAI) presentation

Vídeo of entire event

Government of Navarre: The nationwide entity BAI will from its base in Navarre carry out research, training, and pilot projects to fuel the process of industrializing construction

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