Antonio Camuñas Award 2002


Javier Carvajal Ferrer

The Camuñas Foundation established in 1985 the Antonio Camuñas Award that takes stock, every two years, of the career of a Spanish architect; and in 1990 it created the exhibition of Young Spanish Architects, to acknowledge a specific oeuvre in a biennial edition that alternates with the first. But this year, exceptionally, both awards have been given to celebrate the anniversary of the Foundation (whose activity began in 1982). The mention to the career of a young architect has gone to the center for data processing and communications in Bilbao, by Juan Coll-Barreu, while the honoree of the tenth trophy has been Javier Carvajal, in recognition of an oeuvre characterized by material adequacy, geometric rigor and formal refrain. Born in Barcelona in 1926, Carvajal – who has developed an intense academic labor in Madrid, Barcelona and Navarra – is the author of the Torre de Valencia or the Zoo Park in Madrid, and of the Spanish Pavilion in the New York Fair, which won in 1964 the prize of the American Institute of Architects to the best foreign work, and that will be rebuilt as the National Center of Photography.

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