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Pedro Ramírez Vázquez, 1919-2013

Aztec Modernity

Fernanda Canales 

Pedro Ramírez Vázquez was the modern architect in Mexico whose oeuvre spanned the greatest number of decades and representative buildings. Active until shortly before his death last April, at the age of 94, Ramírez Vázquez was key to the transformation of the capital, a territory with 500,000 inhabitants in 1919 and close to 20 million in 2013. Involved for almost sixty years in designing his country’s symbolic image, he was one of few who understood the urgent needs of a growing population and knew to link urbanism to design and politics. With works like the National Anthropology Museum (1964), the tower of the Foreign Affairs Secretariat in Tlatelolco (1965) and the Congress of the Union (1981), he set the foundation of an architecture based on asserting local tradition and putting it in tune with a modern image. He designed and executed anything from large public works to corporate logos, and from urban developments to furniture pieces, sculptures and mats for playing cards?...

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