Serpentine Pavilion 2024

Serpentine Pavilion 2024

Oliver Wainwright   /  Source:  The Guardian

The 23rd annual Serpentine Gallery pavilion, due to open in June, is the work of South Korean architect Minsuk Cho, and his company Mass Studies. The first Korean architect to be selected for the prestigious commission, he plans to create a cluster of structures that draw on his country’s vernacular timber architecture, as well as the history of the Kensington site.

Afive-pointed star will land in London’s Kensington Gardens this summer, stretching its irregular pitch-roofed arms out towards the trees. One low-lying wing will house an atmospheric tea house, another a little library, while a third will rise to a jaunty peak above a riotous orange netting playground...

The Guardian. Where coffee-drinkers fear to tread: Serpentine pavilion to be a cosmic celebration of tea and timber

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