‘Nowhere 2022’, by Gregory Orekhov

‘Nowhere 2022’, by Gregory Orekhov


The artist Gregory Orekhov has just completed his latest work, Nowhere, in Moscow’s Malecvich Park. A red carpet made of polypropylene stretches 250 meters across a forest. The geometric abstraction keeps the preexisting reality intact. “Here, perspective becomes the artist’s means of expression,” writes the Russian critic Mikhail Sidlin about the work.

Red carpets have historically borne a ceremonial meaning: the path trod by winners, leaders, and royals as a welcome. Visitors thus put themselves in the shoes of eminences, but are taken by the surrounding landscape. Orekhov drives the point that fame, wealth, and power are insignificant amid the grandeur of the universe and nature. The artist also poses a question: where is the red line, the boundary not to be crossed under any circumstances?


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