Norman Foster at 80

Master of the 21st Century


Back in 1991, in Arquitectura Viva, the cartoonist Focho reinterpreted a scene which fans of the Tintin comic series remember well, the cover of Destination Moon, showing Captain Haddock, Tintin, and Snowy on a jeep driven by Foster, heading for a spaceport where the Sainsbury Centre was a hangar, the Hongkong and Shanghai Bank a launch pad, and the Collserola Tower a rocket. Almost 25 years later, Focho pays the architect another tribute, this time for his 80th birthday and with a version of the cover of Moon Landing. Foster is seen drawing his lunar station with his ‘Spaceship Earth’ works as backdrop. Our homage to the 21st century master is completed with an interview conducted by Luis Fernández-Galiano in the Art/Culture section.

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